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Fullstack engineer who knows nothing about design.
Example: this website.

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About Me

Hi I'm James Russo and this is where I'll be writing down my thoughts and experiences in topics such as software, web development, and technology. However, fairwarning any number of other topics can pop up into this blog. This is my first attempt at a blog, and as an engineer I apologize in advance for my writing and design skills. Hopefully they will improve as I work on this more and more.

Currently working at Brex on the Cash team building modern technology to replace antiquated banking systems. I was previously a fullstack engineer working full time in NYC for Rockets of Awesome, a child clothing subscription service and ecommerce brand. I also was the first engineer at a startup called Iterate Labs which wants to use data-driven insights to develop safer and more comfortable workplaces. I graduated from Cornell University in 2017 with a B.S. in Computer Science, where I concentrated in Machine Learning and also did research in Systems, Security, and Blockchain under Emin Gun Sirer and Soumya Basu . Now adays I mostly use technologies such as Elixir, Ruby on Rails, Flask and Python, React + Redux, Next.js, Gatsby.js, Postgresql, AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker to name a few but I'm constantly evaluating and learning about new tehcnologies. Some of my favorite websites to read and stay up to date with tech and web development are Hacker News and TechCrunch.

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